Joan V. Thomas Outreach Grace Lifted Up

Jesus Christ Our rock and refuge in times of trouble


Our community is facing many problems that we are trying to provide solutions During these events we will provide the following services with the support of our partners listed below. 

Services Offered

- Spiritual Guidance

- Prayer

- Food

- Job Support

- Addiction Support

Baltimore Restoration Revival

Taking It To The Streets

Many are seeking a change in their circumstances and are finding it very difficult to identify what that change is or how to locate that which they seek.

Our hope for this event is that it will lead many to hear the plan of salvation and many others to a renewal of their faith and hope in Jesus Christ, as their concerns for basic needs such as food, health care, housing, and safety are being met.

Event Location and Dates:

Date:: June 20,. 2020, Location: To Be Determined

Date: July 25, 2020 Location: To Be Determined

Date: :August 29, 2020 Location: To Be Determined

Our Partners

Our Daily Bread

In touch Ministries